Enterprise Risk Management

Since the Global Financial Crisis, we’ve witnessed a rising need for enterprises to be fully risk-vetted. It is never possible to accurately predict every possible risk scenario because congruence and interdependency of risk function to another vary immensely. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a proven method of refining this relativity

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Increase your visibility with ERM and empower your board to manage and assess Risks

Enterprise Risk Management

We support clients of varying sizes and complexity within Financial services including global banks, broker-dealers, hedge funds, investment advisors,private equity and regtech companies.

Empower your board to manage and assess risks

Our Industry leading advisors are equipped with an innovative mindset and well informed industry best practices. We work with your leaders to develop and manage your ERM Framework and decision making policies around it.

Build visibility with ERM for a competitive advantage

We build a fully integrated framework of your enterprise’s vulnerability to potential risks. We help you remove silos and increase transparency of credit, market, operations and liquidity risks. We help you in merging everything from credit to culture risks into a reliable framework

Manage your Third Party Risk

With increasing dependence on third party suppliers and virtual environments it is very important to know the vulnerabilities that third party suppliers can introduce in your frameworks. We help you put a tight lid on the risks that your third parties expose with our third party risk management services

How we helped in  “Re-examining Risk Priorities for an investment bank”

Our Services

We serve our clients to identify, assess, manage, report and limit the risks by establishing more robust risk processes and better internal controls and KPIs to precede and monitor risk management

ERM Governance and Framework Design

We provide our industry best practices in setting up governance and ERM framework to better identify, assess, manage and measure all risk types.

ERM Diagnostic

We perform a current state assessment of your existing ERM to identify areas of improvement

Enterprise Risk Management Playbook

We work with your team to identify your current practices, procedure and policies as well as operations to document a ERM playbook. Depending on your business the playbook defines all three lines of defense’s responsibility for enterprise risk management and internal control

Risk Model, Data and Analytics

We perform a detailed audit of the various risk models with a key focus on risk both at the individual model and in the aggregate enterprise-wide level. With our data analytics capabilities we help you establish and maintain a robust Risk Data governance, digital risk framework and utilize quality data for Risk Intelligence.

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