Our client a global bank faced a challenge of not having strategy and business architecture capable of supporting commodity derivative back office operations segmented across many groups at different geographical locations. This led to a very high number of failed trades

Our Solution:

We helped client to implement a new electronic trading solution that provided straight through processing in the Trade life cycle. We engaged with leaders from each Line of Business involved at various locations and documented their current processes. We then designed a Target Operating model and designed a roadmap to fill the gaps of attaining a seamless processing of the derivatives. We spearheaded teams on both client side and the solution provider to provide subject matter expertise and ensure compliance to the newly defined target-operating model.


Successful Outcome:

Due to this the client was able to have a seamless smooth integration of the processes from trade inception up to post settlement and invoicing. This new solution also helped in reducing a lot of duplicate trades that were entered as well as rectifying incorrect information right away. Teams across the globe were able to engage with the click of the mouse in the Electronic trading system. Invoices/confirms were generated at sent to the clients from the system versus handholding through various groups