Securing our present

We live in an age where the threat of cyberattack is seemingly imminent. As a result, it is inevitable for Financial Services to have a robust framework and governance to tackle various threats head on. Regulatory Watchdogs are raising the threat level and introducing new privacy legislation every year. Central financial institutions have cooperated on proposing a set of rules on cyber risk management standards. We help community banks, mid size and large bank implement best practices for Cyber Risk Management.

38% Global Organizations saying they are prepared
47% Attacks Targeting Small Businesses
$5 Billion USD in Global Ransoms for 2018
$6 Trillion USD shall be the CyberCrime damage by 2021

Cyber Risk Management Services

We help clients of varying sizes and complexities to implement and integrate Cyber Risk Management into your business

Cyber Risk Diagnostic Evaluation

We will perform an independent diagnostic evaluation of your cyber risk management framework and provide a comprehensive report of the current state

Cyber Risk Strategy and Implementation

Whether its designing the strategy for Cyber Security risk management to protect your organization against internal and external threats, or it is to implement a board approved strategy top down , our team is ready to provide hands-on support

Incident Response Planning

Uncover hidden threats whether they are from cloud migration or third party or others, seamlessly co-ordinate and unify organization in the event of threat with our robust incident response program framework

Penetration Testing

Get a real-world look at how attackers could exploit your vulnerabilities – and guidance on how to stop them – with our pen testing services

Protect Your Business