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On- Demand Webinar : How to Effectively Manage Fraud Risk?

Webinar Details  

Duration :  45 minutes

Presenter:  Bonova Advisory Senior Consultant Kevin Mchugh. He is a recognized Risk Management Expert and a former Chief Risk Officer.


A robust fraud risk management helps prevent, monitor and manage frauds in this era of an increasing number of sophisticated frauds.

In this webinar we will discuss core components required for building a ” Fraud Risk Management Framework”; review various fraud trends and discuss industry use cases where a fraudulent act occurred and how a strong fraud risk management framework helped these banks to combat those fraudulent activities.

Topics included:

  • Discussion about how to build fraud risk awareness and training
  •  Best practices in developing a Robust Fraud Risk Framework
  •  Components of a strong fraud risk policy
  •  Latest commonly seen trends in global fraudulent activities and mitigants
  •  Industry use cases discussion

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