Cyber Risk Management

We help banks of all sizes implement and integrate Cyber Risk Management Framework

Securing our present

We live in an age where the threat of cyberattack is seemingly imminent. As a result, it is inevitable for Financial Services to have a robust framework and governance to tackle various threats head on. Regulatory Watchdogs are raising the threat level and introducing

new privacy legislation every year. Central financial institutions have cooperated on proposing a set of rules on cyber risk management standards. We help community banks, mid size and large bank implement best practices for Cyber Risk Management.


Global Organizations say they are prepared


Attacks target small business

billion USD in Global ransomware damages for year 2017

Trillion USD shall be the Cyber Crime damage by 2021

Our Services

Diagnostic Independent evaluation of current state


Cyber security risk: Strategy, Design & Implementation

Incident response program governance and framework


Data risk identification & evaluation


Unfolding rules for Privacy & Information security act

Best practices for external communications in event of stress

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